11 61 048 

Note instructions on connecting and disconnecting battery, refer to General Data MG12 Switch off ignition.

Disconnect battery ground wire.

Remove complete injection pipe with injection valves, refer to 13 64 541

Disconnect plug connection (1). Unfasten screws, remove throttle body and place to one side: hoses remain connected.


Replace gasket between manifold and throttle body.

Mark line routing on knock sensors (1 and 2 ) on manifold.

Unfasten screws and remove noise insulation strip.

Unfasten nuts and remove ignition wiring harness (1).

Unfasten screws in manifold using special tool 11 6 060.

Unfasten screws (1) and remove control valve for engine venting.


Installation is described in section on sealing / replacing control valve for venting left side of engine, refer to 11 15 026

If necessary, remove vent pipe (1).


Installation position of vent pipe (1) in manifold (2).


Clip rubber mount (1) of vent pipe (2) to rotary shaft in manifold.


Lug (1) on vent pipe must engage in bore (2) of manifold.