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Type Thread Tightening specifications Torque
1AZ Cylinder head bolt
S55 M11x173 Replace screws.
Jointing torque 30 Nm
1. Angle of rotation 90 °
2. Angle of rotation 180 °
2AZ Cylinder head bolt
S55 M9x30 M9x70 22 Nm
3AZ Cylinder head cover to cylinder head.
S55 M6 9 Nm
4AZ Towing lug to cylinder head
S55 Hand-tighten to limit position
5AZ Ignition coils and injector slot to cylinder head
S55 M6x35 9 Nm
6AZ Wiring harness to cylinder head cover
S55 D10 L43,5 Self-tapping screw (ball pin) 7 Nm
7AZ Heat shield support to cylinder head
S55 M6x16 10 Nm
8AZ Ground strap to rear of cylinder head
S55 M6x16 8 Nm
9AZ Battery voltage wire holder to cylinder head
S55 M7x18 13 Nm
10AZ Blow By line with heating to clean air pipe of cylinder 1-3
S55 Ejot drive train 50x 20 3 Nm
11AZ Screw plug in oil chamber
S55 M16x1.5 Replace screw with sealing ring. 27 Nm
12AZ Sealing flange of servomotor to cylinder head cover
S55 M6x18 Self-tapping screw 6 Nm
13AZ Stud bolt of exhaust manifold (turbocharger) to cylinder head
S55 M7 8 Nm